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Music Rotation Community

SongSwap Music Rotation Community
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This group is dedicated to sharing new music. Anyone can enjoy the music, but to join you need to be approved. It's not that hard! We ask that you post at least one new song a month, but more is certainly encouraged. Any kind of music is acceptable, whatever you like!

Rules for Members:
*Please try to post at least once a month, but no more than once a day.
*Posts should contain between one and five songs, hosted anywhere you like as long as anyone can download it from there. SendSpace, YouSendIt, etc. are easy places to upload files.
*A description of the music is encouraged, including such information as why you love the song, where you found it, lyrics etc.
*Please make a note of it if the song contains adult language or themes. Not everyone wants to hear that!

Rules for Everyone:
*Do not direct link. Ever.
*These songs are for preview only, meaning we want you to love the song and go buy the CD. For legal reasons we have to ask you to delete the songs from your computer after a week of previewing.
*Please comment on the music you download! This way we know what people like.